Travel connects us with The God

The earth is a living planet. Millions of species across the universe are being evolved every second. I believe this magical creation has real skillful hands behind it. Infinite universe, galaxies, deep oceans, clouds and skies, rivers and rains, trees and soil are testimony to this humongous creation. There is one more fundamental truth to this which has been reverberated by religions across the world since ages and now by modern science - We all are one

There is a higher energy interspersed across all spaces of universe (including within us) which is also termed as universal mind (God's soul) and whenever we connect to this soul we are closest to the God.

So, How do we connect to this soul? - By listening to it. This soul tries to communicate with us through its language which is intuition leading to dreams originating within us. So, for those who want to be musicians, scientists, artists etc. its desire of God. Similarly. if one wishes to travel the world, its the desire of God to appreciate the beauties through him. Hence by daring to follow the words spoken to us by universal mind and having an unwavering faith in it with zero doubts, we connect to it.

When we travel, our mind and heart often come in unison which is rare in routine life. For example - When we are on a trek, or on way uphill to a point where we can get marvelous view of sunset or sunrise.. we think only of the destination where we have to reach because we know the rewards. There are no doubts.  Both heart and mind speak the same thing and we unknowingly connect to the universal soul. And once we reach to the apex, there is a sudden eruption of joy, a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. And once we come back and see uphill, there is a feeling of disbelief - "How could I do that? Was it really me?" I am sure you all must have felt this at some point in your life.

So, whenever you feel demotivated, tired.. its time to pack your bags, go to some trek and re-build connection with heavenly stuff prevalent all across us. You will come back us a rejuvenated and confident being.

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Vikas Yadav

Awesome 👌