Looking for Paradise..Close your eyes and head to Maldives for an Exotic Honeymoon experience

Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. It’s known for its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs.

Maldives is my personal favorite option for a Honeymoon Destination. A place which I have been studying about over a couple of years. An ideal reason of considering Maldives is surely that the couple are water-babies and love scenic beaches. This is one of the most romantic places reason being there are really small islands which usually have one resort at one  island. This gives you enough amount of privacy and space which you require on a Honeymoon helping you indulge into a romantic affair. The sunsets here are lovely, most of these resorts have fine dining restaurants which are sea facing and help you taking drinks with a nice view.


There however aren’t many activities one can indulge in. Maldives is really known for its reefs so Snorkeling here is a must. Those who don’t wish to get wet they can opt in for a Submarine ride which goes till 100-150 FT below the water and carries about 50 people together. There isn’t much apart from Water activities.

Highly recommend this place for a couple who are water babies, want to relax and are planning to take a leisure Honeymoon. 2-3 Nights day stay is recommended.


A decent Water Bungalow/Villa starts from INR 40K / 620 USD per day.  So it is not at all cheap. Also the mode of transportation from Airport to these resorts are only through an Air Taxi or a Ferry/Boat. Since, you’re practically living at the resort. So, you do not have much options and end up taking all the meals from the resort. Lot of resorts offer you full board meals which covers all your meals. Try to go in for that.

Choose your resorts wisely as the only means will be sea/air transfer. The prices of this are on a higher side. For hopping in and checking out different islands you can use ferries as they’re cheaper and carry more number of people.


If you’re looking for cheaper options and want to cover Maldives on a budget avoid staying at these luxurious resorts. Try staying at Guest Houses. There are more than 1000 Islands here lots of them provide you options. Staying at some places will cost you less like about INR 5K / USD 77 for a night. To all the Alcoholics avoid carrying liquor into this Country. This is a Muslim country which doesn’t allow you to get liquor. Although it’s available at all the leading resorts and can be consumed but carrying it in your luggage isn’t allowed.


Also, you can club in Sri Lanka if you want a bit extended Honeymoon, The flight is just one hour long from Male. I am planning to rope in Dubai or Bangkok with Maldives, which are 4 hours each from Male(Capital of Maldives) since a Honeymoon shouldn’t be shorter than a week :p

The travelling time can be any time of the year. Majority people go here from November – April.

My suggestion is take this place for just 2 Nights, 1 day spend it chilling at your resort, second day indulge in water activities try Scuba Diving or Snorkelling as reefs here are one of the best in the world. Submarine tours start from 5K per person and Snorkelling tours start at 10K per person.

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