We are KOOLumbus

KOOLumbus as the name suggests tells awe-inspiring, immersive travel stories and experiences which awaken the sleeping "Columbus" residing within us. We tell readers about places they’ve never been and show them a new side to places they think they know. We also come up with unique itineraries facilitating travelers in not just visiting a place but experiencing it as the locals do.

  We do things differently

What separates this website from other travel blogs? Unlike other travel websites, you won’t find sponsored content or paid trips here. Every place, restaurant, or attractions has been personally visited by our extensively  traveled bloggers.

We sleep in dorms and budget hotels, wait hours for buses, try those roadside street stalls, and test travel passes to see if they really do save money. We do it just like you would – because, like you, we’re real travelers looking to see the world and help others do the same.

Meet the Team

We are a team of extensively traveled bloggers who want to share their travel stories and build unique itineraries for our readers by leveraging on their experiences. Our mission here is to produce detailed, long form content that is more comprehensive than any other website out there.

Ankit Garg

Backpacked 18 countries across Europe

"My journey to unravel the world has just begun ,there is so much out there, I need to learn"

Pranav Chawla

Startup enthusiast, travel blogger and has been to 15 countries across different continents